Every organisation and every programme and every project faces risks. Some are obvious, like financial losses in cases of accidents or fire which can be managed through insurance. However, organisations, projects and programme face not-so obvious risks. Risks of damaging the environment or damaging an organisation’s image through poor ethics are not always obvious yet the impact can be devastating. They can mean the death of a project or a whole organisation. That is why risk management is critical and Sigma Engineering and Technology is here to help.

Sigma Engineering and Technology has internal expertise in risk management. We analyse risk within an organisation or a project from an integrated perspective. We explore risk relationships in order to understand the overall risk profile of your project or organisation. Once we identify all the risks we then analyse and rank them in order of both quantitative and qualitative impact. At the end we provide our client with an analysis of the projected impact of each risk.
Then we recommend risk mitigation strategies for each risk and compile the risk management plan. We can even assist our clients to implement the risk management plan and work with them to assess technology platforms for ongoing monitoring and reporting. Our services include:

  • Project Risk Management.
  • Operational Risk Management.
  • Financial Risk Management.
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management.

Whether your company is just beginning the enterprise risk management journey or has an established framework in place, Sigma can assist you to ensure that all risks are managed. For every project, work with us as your risk management department while you focus on your core business.


Take a few minutes and send us your requirements and we will be back with a solution.


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