At Sigma Engineering and Technology, we have extensive experience in providing a total project and programme management service for all types of projects. Our teams plan, lead and control every aspect of the project lifecycle. We pride ourselves on providing tailored services and coming up with innovative ideas to help our clients to achieve their goals. We provide the following expertise:

  • Building Services Engineering Design project management.
  • Construction Project Management.
  • ICT Project Management.

Our motto is “Zero Tolerance, On Budget, On Time!” We ensure the success of projects, whatever their size, by collaborating with other stakeholders to ensure achievement of the right outcomes. 

We support our clients every step through the following process: the initial discussion, developing the solution concept, delivering the first economic and feasibility studies, defining the engineering design, implementation, construction, commissioning, handover and operation. 

We aim to meet the expectations from government, industry and society by making sure that infrastructure and built environment projects are delivered efficiently, cost-effectively and with enhanced sustainability while maintaining high safety standards.

Our project managers are highly skilled and experienced in managing complex projects that require understanding of, and management of, governance challenges, risk, scope control, stakeholder engagement and team management.

Because ours is a multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy company, we are inspired by best practice from across the sector when we deliver clients’ desired outcomes.

Our project managers make use of appropriate programme and project management tools that are tailored to the needs of the client and the task, to provide timely and accurate information to support decision making.

For each project we establish a control framework that divides the project into manageable components.

We are proactive and flexible when it comes to cost management, and that allows us to embrace changes that may arise throughout the design and construction phases of each project. 



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